We love nursery

Here's Luke making a fishy face.
Here's mine. When Luke saw mine, he said, "You're funny brother West." This kid already speaks in complete sentences, and outwits me when I try to get him to put his toys away.
Kathy is the fishy face champion.
At the end of class I tug them around on a blanket. It's my only workout of the week.
We love these kids. We want one. We're thinking of stealing one so Kathy doesn't have to go through labor. What do you guys think of that blond kid?


Jenny said...

HAhahah. I love it. Good luck. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Just remember there's only one day that it really matters :).

Nursery, we're trying to start a movement in our ward. "Nursery is a gospel class for 18 months - 3 years - it is NOT daycare. Keep your crying kid with you, or stay and help him out." Sounds like you guys are fabulous teachers!

kathy said...

I love the picture of me with my bad hairdo and no makeup. Fishy face, indeed.

Annie said...

they're all blond...