Elephant in the Room

I had a friend who went out East to sell security systems with her husband a few years ago. Out East she got pregnant. She called three doctors, all three refused to see her. She said she felt like Mary in the Bible, no room in the inn.

Now the same thing has happened to my cousins. They are out selling in Texas for the summer. The wife got pregnant, they called over a dozen doctors, but none of them would help her. They plan on going to Fetal Photo to see if their baby is okay.

Something is wrong with our health care system if doctors are too worried about profit to help a pregnant lady and her baby.


Anne Marie said...

I totally agree Christopher!! I think our health system is retarted.

MeganandClaudy said...

how sad! and isn't the first trimester way crucial too? I completely agree our health system is JACKED UP. Yikes, as if I wasn't nervous enough to get pregnant, now I gotta worry about doctors wanting to see me if we go anywhere-great.