Go Speed Racer (Racer X=my hero)

Kathy and I went with some friends to see Speed Racer at the dollar theater. We went with low expectations, and only wanted to see it because Matthew Fox, a.k.a. 'Jack' from LOST is in it. We were not disappointed.

Stephen Colbert was right, watching it was equivalent to being tossed around a clothes dryer with a strobe-light. It was cartoony, and catered to children, but so enjoyable.

For the kids, Speed Racer had a goofy little brother whose best friend was a monkey. The villians were easily discernable from the bad guys buy their ugliness and their own creepy background music. But all this child-pandering notwithstanding, the movie was really enjoyable.

Jack played the mysterious Racer X. He kicked some butt. One of my favorite scenes involved him fighting a ninja in his pajamas. Another was when a race car was upside-down in the air above his car, and he jumped his car just under that car, and punched the driver in the face just for the heck of it. That was awesome. Jack, or Racer X, should have his own spin off show where he beats people up. They don't even need to be bad guys, just people who could do with a beating.

Go with really low expectations like we did, and the payoff will be great.


Anne Marie said...

Speed Racer was good?! Really?? I didn't expect it to be any good.