we'll pay you 50 cents

Christopher and I frequent libraries the way some people might frequent bars. It's a sort of addiction.

We don't check anything out—we want books for keeps. And we can keep the books we buy. Every library has its own system: some have rotating shelves with a steady, but limited supply of books, while others sell entire roomfuls of discarded books every quarter. We keep the dates of the big sales on our calendar.

On our most recent library excursion, we stumbled on this find. Yes—two pristine copies of Billy Collins poetry for only 50 cents.

While I feel bad that Billy probably didn't profit monetarily from the transaction, I'm still delighted that we supported our local library that way before someone else beat us to it.

Do we have room in our little apartment for more books? No. Do we care? Absolutely not. And if you're considering getting rid of any books
you own, we're happy to take those off your hands, too, for fifty cents apiece.


Benjammin said...

Orem Library? Their book sales have been my biggest secret for the longest time. It is good to hear that someone else discovered them. Keep it on the DL :)

Anne Marie said...

You have to find where the library gets their moving shelves!! Then you could even use it for breakfast-book-in-bed!!