My wife is a nerd

We brought home Kathy's 7th grade spelling bee championship trophy from her parents' house.

I lost on the word "February" in 3rd grade. Arrgh that first 'r' is silent, at least in Utah.

She told me that three years after winning that the 2nd place winner told her he had finally dropped his grudge against her, but he still remembered the words he lost by, she didn't. The losers remember. February, you jerk.

I married her because she was a nerd, just like me. After we got married I found a box she had stored away completely full of star wars memorabilia. So nerdy, so cool.

Nerdiness is part of her soul. This week she had a nightmare and woke up screaming. I held her and asked me to repeat her nightmare to me, not so much to comfort her as to sate my morbid curiosity. The details were frightening for sure. Our 4am room started to look like a morgue. But the kicker, the end of the dream that startled her awake in screams: Voldemort.

Voldemort was the bad guy of her dreams. I chortled, a silly, 4am, uncontrollable laugh. I found it is difficult to comfort someone when you're laughing at them.


A. said...

I wish there were more Kathy and Christopher's in the world. We need people who are quirky and down-right hysterical. I love that Kathy woke up, frightened about Voldermort. And I love that Christopher still holds a February grudge. What seriously fun people y'all are.

A. said...

Dangit, I put an apostrophe S. I hate people who use an apostrophe wrong. Apologies.

Mike and Lauren said...

It's ok, Kathy, Voldemort haunts my dreams regularly as well. And I guess this is a good time as any to say... I want to be Harry Potter when I grow up.

Kaneeneenie said...

i got out on 'unnecessary'...which i still can't spell.