anesthesia: your sense of humor's shot in the arm

I don't remember coming out of anesthesia after my surgery this week, but Christopher and my mom were both around to see it. Apparently, the anesthesiologist helped me overcome my natural word limit. I talked and talked and talked. And I sounded like a goof.

Christopher told me the doc had found endometriosis and removed the problems during surgery. Apparently, I put on a goofy grin and said, "Endometriosis? That's better than cancer!" Too bad they didn't write down all the other drugged up things I said.

I don't remember any of it. I just remember waking up to laughter that had apparently gone on in the ten minutes between my mouth starting and my brain finally catching up. Turns out, I might actually be pretty funny; I just have to be zonked out from surgery to do it.


Deja said...

Surgery?! You okay, Lady?

Medically drugged humor is a delight. My mom once said, when I asked how she was doing after surgery, "Well, I may not be ticking but at least I'm talking." Uhhhhhh. That wasn't funny until I was drugged up. Then I remembered it and couldn't stop laughing.

Jenny said...

endometriosis? Did I miss something. That's horrible, but good they've got it! I hope you're feeling ok now. I have an ear if you need to use it.

kathy said...

Yep, I'm ok. And no, Jenny, you didn't miss anything. I haven't talked about it because nothing (according to docs) has been wrong.

The dr. went in just to take a peek at my insides this week because I'd been in pain since September. They found some bad news in there and got rid of it. They even gave me copies of the pics.

The doc who did the surgery is one of the best I've ever been to, which made me feel super happy, as I haven't had the best luck with the medical field as of late.

janel said...

During natural labor (with Eliza) I was in so much pain I remember wanting to kick the doctor in the face. The second she was out I was a blathering fool--I could not stop thanking everyone in the room for everything (mostly I was just thankful to not be in pain). I didn't even have the excuse of anesthesia. Good thing Mark's never posted on Youtube before. It could have been embarrassing.