so i'm a nerd. are we surprised?

My friend,
Clayton, tagged me on his blog last year. Literally last year.

It's taken me so long to finally post my answers here because I've hesitated to confirm all of your suspicions of my nerdiness. The tag asks about tv shows and wishes; I don't watch enough tv to fill up the list, and all I wish for are books. Here goes. Fewer than 8 reasons why I am, indeed, the nerd you thought I was:

8 shows I watch:
The Office, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show. Um...

That's it, really. I don't have eight. I don't actually have a TV that works. I watched LOST and the first season of Heroes. I hope nothing's wrong with me.

8 places I like to eat:

Cafe Rio, El Azteca, Tucano's, Bombay House, La Dolce Vita, Guru's,
One World Cafe, and Zupa's.

Fortunately, I'm not sure it's possible to be a food nerd. Unless you own
this. Which I do.

8 things on my wishlist:

All of them are books. And I have more than eight.

But if we're going with unrealistic, non-bookish, pie-in-the-sky type wishes, I would choose these eight: a baby, peace in Israel, a decent health care system, a voice loud and wise enough to make a difference, magic laundry fairies for all the women of the world, the ability to fly, a hawaii-like climate in provo—oh, and another bookshelf.


Deja said...

"a voice loud and wise enough to make a difference." You nailed it. How do we get those?

Annie said...

i'm here to testify that you can, indeed, be a food nerd. i know this because i'm married to one. he really wanted a specific cookbook for christmas, and my parents got it for him. he spent the next couple days carrying it around, reading it like a novel, and whispering, "this is all i wanted." he's already started a spreadsheet of meals he wants to make from it....a spreadsheet. this is just partly why i love him so much.

Christopher said...

Could we have a Hawaii-like ocean too? Let's move to New Zealand.