Peaches. Smog. Cats. Cash.

We found this beautiful jar of strawberries at Target'.
But bought the peaches because canned strawberries are gross. We usually buy peaches in gallon drums from Costco, but I wanted to support a company that makes such a beautiful product.

Then we drove up to Salt Lake to a friend's birthday party, and crashed our car into the stinkiest bag of smog I've seen in my lifetime. It clogged the streets, making it impossible to see signs until I was passing them. Like breathing urine and swimming in a bog of car farts.

Taken at 6pm last Friday
Fortunately Gov. Huntsman has taken a stand with Obama against air pollution.

Video of the air
I also saw some kitties on campus.
And spent many hours making this spreadsheet for our family finances.
I did not really make a million dollars last week.
We could afford a house, if it cost $8000.
I stayed up at night to finish it. Kathy said I was a budget addict. I worked on it non-stop, when I woke, in class, and until I went to bed.
If anyone wants a copy of this spreadsheet for your own finances, I'll email it to you. It helped us realize we spend more than we make, and have lots and lots of debt.


kathy said...

How sad that the strawberries don't look as lovely here as they did in person.

Also, thanks for making the spreadsheet; it's way better than the thing we had taped to the fridge.

Christopher said...

If you sent me an email asking for the spreadsheet, I will not publish your comment, because I don't want to publish your email address.

But two people have asked for it so far, which makes me happy.

A. said...

Breathing urine in a bog of car farts. That is quite possibly the most disgusting thing anyone has ever said.

janel said...

I would love a copy of your spreadsheet. And if you have any tips for making $1 million per week, please include those, too. : )

Annie said...

i'd love the spreadsheet!

Anna and Stephen said...

I'd also love the spreadsheet (Kathy has my email). Stephen and I tried to make our own, but we keep finding errors and reasons that it is completely inefficient.

It also looks like its very popular, maybe you should think about selling it to people. (After you send it to me for free, of course ;)

Mike and Lauren said...

I agree with Ali's comment...nice wording, and totally disgusting. We love youguys!