Better Late than Never

My cousin's fiancee has posted reasons why she loves her fiance.

It made me want to post why I love Kathy.

An old guy asked if Kathy and I were newlyweds. I guess we're still all over each other. Some of our friends said after 6 months or a year of marriage, that we wouldn't be so touchy.

But I'm still late to school nearly every day because I can't stop cuddling in the morning. I'm even late to school in the afternoon because of cuddling.

I had always heard that marriage improves your grades, but not in my case.

And that's just one reason why I love her.


A. said...

Being in love is the best. I can't wait to be where you guys are! I don't think affection has to die simply because you're married. That's one thing my parents still do that I love. The make out while doing dishes and they spoon on Sunday afternoons. Be who you are, is what I have to say.