better even later than never

A few days ago, Christopher posted why he loves me. And while nobody's keeping score of who loves who more, it seems only fair that I return the favor—especially since he's taken care of me (as if I were a three-year-old) for the last few days.

Three reasons (among the million) I love Christopher this week:

1. He didn't post a video of my post-anesthesia behavior on youtube. As I came to after surgery, someone mentioned that they should tape how goofy I was. Apparently (I don't remember), I said, "Oh, please don't put it on the internet!" He didn't—as funny as that might have been and as much as he enjoys a good laugh.

2. He will drop everything—even Zelda—to help me. I haven't felt my perkiest these last few days. I don't even have to ask him to pause his video game to help make me food or take me to the store to buy anti-barf pills. He just volunteers.

3. Just a second ago, he said I'm beautiful. I might be on other days. But today is my second afternoon in a poofy, fleece bathrobe, lounging on the couch without makeup or a decent hairdo. I look more pathetic than pretty, but he doesn't notice that.

This guy is the best. Sorry that the rest of you ladies don't get him. You'll have to find your own.


Deja said...

Very nice to hear he's taking good care of you. Sounds like you need it. Feel better soon!

P.S. We were in Utah for 4.2 seconds, and 4.1 of them were spent at family parties. Seriously, it was nuts. Next time we're in town, we'll have to sneak off to see you folks. Coming to Boston any time soon? We have a guest room ...

janel said... anesthesia behavior. My family still gets a kick out of remembering Mark's post-wisdom teeth surgery behavior and his unanticipated taking-up-of-residence at their house for a few days. Only Youtube wasn't around back then. Otherwise I might have been tempted.