first day on the job

I don't know why I thought the presidential inauguration would be at night—something about me believing that the whole world sets its watch by prime-time television (even though my tv doesn't even work). This morning, Christopher told me I was silly, that Obama would be sworn in first thing. You don't show up late at night for your first day of work.

And even though this morning's schedule had less to do with Obama's character and more to do with the way the inauguration works, I'm glad that he woke up early and got started being our president already. He has a lot to do. I hope his first day on the job forecasts many more early mornings and optimistic outlooks in the days to come. Heaven knows we need them.


Deja said...

Sam thought it was at night, too. I have no idea how I knew it was a daytime thing, because I never know that stuff.

I was struck by all those hopeful people in the mall, shouting their supporting, looking like they were there to be saved. And they sort of were. He can't possibly live up to that, but he seemed truly humble and confident. And today, on the first day, that's enough for me.