The 7 year old girl workout

Two years ago, I ran a marathon. Today, I ran a finger across my fat, hairy belly, and realized I wasn't in shape. I've decided to take up the 7 year old girl workout: jump-roping.A coworker said that jump-roping isn't a 7 year old girl workout. She said in elementary school she watched a video about athletes who jump-rope.

I said, "So when you were a little girl in elementary school you learned that jump-roping is a good workout?"

Good point.

I work and go to school. With that kind of time-crunch working out has become a dilemma between being fat and smelling good.

If I work out, I'll stink, but I'll be in shape. If I don't, I'll smell good, but be fat.

The worst part is, for the first few months, I'll be fat
and smell bad.
Too bad our society places so much emphasis on smelling good. Fortunately Kathy has a terrible sense of smell.


kathy said...

I'm laughing out loud right now! I'm proud of you. I want to be seven years old, too.

Mike and Lauren said...

I always wonder which one of you is writing at the beginning of the post. The second sentence was as far as I wondered this time...haha I'm glad you'll be jump roping, maybe I'll join you.