How to Fail: Halloween Edition

Update: My econ professor said I cannot retake the test.

I went into a job interview today dressed like R2D2.

I went to work at 6am, and spent three hours feeling nauseous with nervousness for my 9:30am interview. I got to the interview early, and saw that everyone else who was in line for the interview had dressed up like business executives.
Ron from Oregon Icecream was very nice. He politely told me I wouldn't get the job.

He said I'd be a good fit for research and development. My two ideas I was too nervous to say:

1. Chocolate chip cookie icecream. It wouldn't have chunks of cookie dough, rather the icecream would taste like cookies, and have chocolate chips in it.

2. Melted ice cream drink. I like to leave the ice cream out to melt and then drink it. They should sell it premelted. They could sell it to people who want to get fat.

I'm still feeling a little nauseous, but also a little sad. I think I'm going to get some icecream.


kathy w. said...

Sorry, love. Hopefully your next job interview won't fall on Halloween.

Stan said...

Hey, sorry about the interview :( I was just perusing blogs and found yours and I had to comment. I saw the picture of Ron from Oregon Icecream and laughed really hard, he is my mom’s cousin and I know him and his family really well. What a coincidence :) Again sorry about the interview, too bad.

Stan McShinsky

Mr. Christopher said...

Stan. That's funny. I actually really liked the interview and I think Ron's a great guy. He let me take about a dozen pictures before we got one that looked good.

Mike and Lauren said...

Christopher! I can't believe that about the econ test....let's all go get some ice cream together