Support BYU's Fizzix Program

My professor Dr. Lynn Ogden invented Fizzix, a carbonated yogurt made by Yoplait.
If you buy Fizzix, some of that money will go to BYU. If you buy a whole bunch, like $200,000 worth, some money will go to Dr. Ogden.

Dr. Ogden invented it, but has not yet received a penny. I don't really understand why. I think it's because the first million goes to BYU, and then after that Ogden gets his cut.

He's a great guy. Buy Fizzix and make him rich.
Here's a mom's review of Fizzix.

Do not shake


Erica said...

Christopher, I must ask, why would I want carbonation in my yogurt? Doesn't carbonation suck the minerals out of your body? What's the word?

luvmymunchkins said...

I read about that in the BYU Magazine a while back and bought some. We liked it, our kids liked it, but fitting it into the budget when we can get Yoplait cups for $.50/each . . .

Mr. Christopher said...

Yeah, but I didn't want to mention that I don't consume carbonation, and that I don't intend to buy this product. I was hoping I could sucker y'all to buy it, without disclosing anything negative.