eavesdropping no. 2

Abbie had a good suggestion: include a weekly eavesdropping moment on this blog. Because I so firmly believe in eavesdropping, I wholly agreed with her. And I thought it would be easy.

But it hasn't been.

For over a week, I've been waiting to hear something delicious or funny. Nothin'. What does it mean when everyone I hear on campus says that the reflection in the MARB's windows makes her thighs look fat, or discusses the consistency of the brownies she baked her crush for his birthday, or talks SO LOUD into his cell phone about his Friday night plans to drive all the way to Orem? I worry that the people around me are growing more inane daily.

I almost wanted to post some of the interesting conversations my witty friends or my smart husband let me in on. But those feel like they don't actually qualify.

Maybe next week.


Mr. Christopher said...

"You're walking on the OUTSIDE of the barrier!"

The reason we don't blog this stuff, is because it was a waste of time to listen to in the first place, let alone to take the time to write it and make others suffer through it.

Megan said...

HAHA! Yeah...I think people are getting a little out-of-the-habit of actually talking! Texting is SOO much easier, right? Especially when you have absolutely NOTHING interesting to say!

I like eavesdropping on people too. Sadly, like you, I have nothing interesting to report :(