happy things

Recently, the news depresses me. The election distresses me.
Even writing bugs me.

So I made a list of happy things today. So that I'll remember that I'm not just tired and full of headache. Things that make me happy:

1. The fruit smoothie Christopher made me for breakfast.
2. Sunday afternoon with my family.
3. Dinner with friends who cook well.
4. Dinner with friends, even if I don't cook so well.
5. Sleeping in 20 extra minutes.
6. My hair doing what it's supposed to, even if I've slept in 20 extra minutes.
7. Good books.
8. Google reader (when I'm on literary overload from too many books).
10. Huckleberry ice cream cones from Spotted Dog Creamery that turn into miniature ice cream cones after you've eaten all the way to the bottom.

(9. Forgetting number 9 because I'm too excited to get to number 10.)


Mike and Lauren said...

yay....I like this one. I'm glad that there are things to be happy about

Miss Magpie said...

This is a great list. I am inspired to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting with Mom and Pete and i cant stop laughing. You guys are hilarious. The parents think im nuts.