be nice to your teachers

If you take an English class, write good papers.
Your teacher has to read ALL the papers in the class. ALL. NIGHT. LONG.


Jenny said...

oh, oh! When you get bored, I can send you a paper Steve wrote for his marketing class. It was funny and intriguing. Unfortunately I read it first, before reading other papers his classmates wrote which, I know you know, were blah!!!!

Becktacular said...

Amen to this! I hear you, Kathy, even though you have to probably read more things more closely than I do... but still... After a while the same old gets pretty bland.

My pet peeve, however? When students do something you specifically repeated, wrote on the board, and talked about a GAZILLION times, and told them NOT to do, and then say they didn't know!

Do you teach mostly freshmen?