Personal Bailout

I procrastinated taking my econ. test until the last day, only to find that I was a day late.

Instead of taking the test on Saturday, I went shopping with my wife, and worked 8 hours.

But I wouldn't have traded this experience, because it gave me the excuse to write this email to my econ professor:

Professor Pope, If this were any other class in the entire world, a student's failure to pay attention and to do what he was supposed to do would have been punished accordingly. But this is Economics, taught in the U.S.

According to U.S. economics, if someone really important screws up, we bail them out.

A student may not be considered important enough to bail out. But at BYU, we understand that every student is a child of God with infinite worth.

Also, this isn't just economics, this is agricultural economics. In the U.S., we not only give a large chunk of subsidies to farmers who grow things, we give huge subsidies to farmers who don't grow things. If all farmers grew to capacity, prices would plummet.

Even so, if I would have taken your test and aced it, test scores would have risen and you may have appeared to be an 'easy' teacher.

You can thank me by allowing me to take the test late. Or, if you prefer, by sending a $700,000,000,000 check to:


I sent this to him just a minute ago. I'll let you know when I hear back.


kathy said...

If a student sent me an email like this, I would seriously consider just giving him or her an A for the test.

The Gardners said...

Good luck! Good thing it wasn't Professor Kearl.

Annie said...

this is the best email i've ever read. i'm with kathy...A+.

Harris said...

Kathy...I didn't know which blog to write on, but this post is hilarious! I agree, A for sure!
Thanks so much for the info about Babywise, it is great to hear info that has been studied...if you have any more advice about the book let me know! Like which parts you really studied and what you should or shouldn't do...I would LOVE to hear about it! Thanks again...RaKae

Mike and Lauren said...

So....what did you hear back?

Christopher said...

He said no. Told me to do well on the final. I don't think he found it very funny.

janel said...

Oh, wow. You have guts, that's for sure! Sage and Eliza have had "Obama" and "McCain" chanting wars today. Maybe I'll send you a little video. And, no worries about corrupting me with a liberal agenda. My husband's an immigration lawyer at a not-for-profit Catholic place, after all! My sisters...different story.

MeganandClaudy said...

that is hillarious. Please put what he writes back! :)