My cousin's car was stolen

Brian with Anderson Cooper

My cousin Brian was one of eight people that got to meet Obama this morning in Colorado. Brian had gathered a lot of volunteers to go there, and is the president of BYU for Obama.
Brian with that guy

Brian parked his car in a paid parking spot. During the Obama rally, it was stolen.
Brian with Harry Reid

Only one conclusion can be reached. McCain used his combat training to take out the guard at the car lot and then he hot wired Brian's car.

(A photo-shopped image will appear soon)

Why? Brian the Community Organizer is the foundation of Obama's campaign. He's probably going to be Secretary of State or something.

I told him that next time he should do what we do, buy a car so crappy that no one wants to steal it.


kathy said...

Poor Brian!

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

I hadn't heard that...poor Brian. However, I should mention that crappy cars get stolen too (like ours last year). Jerks.

Mike and Lauren said...

This got me laughing a lot, and then coughing a lot. NOT that the car is stolen anyone who doesn't know that I am Brian's sister and don't find the situation funny....just your conclusion of how it happened. Mike says that when you park something at a Democratic rally, you have to realize they might implement the idea of equal distribution, so there are probably a few bums walking around with random BMW parts.

Becktacular said...

Hahaha.... I love our family. :)